Maikies Club

The aim of Maikies Club is gathering a community of people that will share common values (furtherly described in About us section), want to develop their passions and aim to help others to do so. The first step necessary to join the Club will be getting one of the Maikies products (not necessarily by purchase through the Platform). The second step will mean getting to know You by a Questionnaire, which will include a set of questions and/or puzzles that will help us to get to know You.  The third step will be an online call that will give us a chance to deepen your profile. If you manage to go through the steps mentioned above, we will aim to organize an offline meeting with You. Maikies Club is the idea that is still being developed so please be patient but we will certainly launch it till the end of 2022. Make sure to follow our Social Media Fan Pages in order to be up to date with this project 😀