Return guide

If you wish to return your order, You will have 30 days from the delivery date to inform us about your decision. If necessary, You will have additional 14 days for the delivery from the moment of sending us the information about starting the returning process. 


In order to start your return, you need to do following steps: 

1. Sign in to your account on our website, go to the order history, select “View or manage” for the order you want to return, and then select Start Return. 

2. Select the items to return and if possible please provide us your motivation for the return. 

3. Submit your return form and get the returning shipping address. 

4. Prepare the package. Please make sure that the items inside are protected against improper handling. If possible, use the original packaging. Remove or cover any previous shipping labels and barcodes to avoid shipping delays. 

5.Send the items back by taking your return to a carrier of your choice. MAIKIES IS NOT RESPONSIBLE OR LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES THAT MAY ARISE FROM IMPROPER CARE DURING THE SHIPMENT IN THE RETURNING PROCESS AND IN CASE OF THE DEFECTIVE PACKAGE, WE CLAIM THE RIGHT TO REFUSE TO PICK UP THE PARCEL. In that case, You will need to claim your rights to the carrier. If possible, we will take some photographs of the parcel in order to help you claim your rights. Nevertheless, the refusal of the pick up will take place mainly due to the flooding or bursting of the package.  

Additional information: 

In order to reduce our environmental impact, we do not print unnecessary paperwork and we also encourage You to do so. All the information may be delivered in the digital form through our website. 

Potentially defective or flawed item (warranty information).

If you have a potentially defective or flawed item, and You wish to return it, you will be asked to do so through a special form. In such a case, please state what is the defect and provide us some pictures. If we confirm it, we will take care of the return shipping process and all the cost of shipment will be covered by us. We may also propose You some non-standard compensation form. 


*Some exceptions apply. Refer to our Terms of Sale policy for more information.